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Congratulations on Your Engagement!

The Choice of Music in a wedding celebration is very important.  It is encouraging to see more and more couples caring what kind of music will be used for their wedding.  All couples are encouraged to attend one of the Wedding Music Workshop here at Resurrection at which all aspects of the Music Program will be explored.   

The Parish Music Director/Organist will work with you to plan your wedding music.  He works on a contract basis and is the only  authorized organist to perform at Resurrection.  Musicians from outside the parish may be employed in special circumstances but only with the prior knowledge of, and in consultation with, the parish music director.   

Often requests are made for currently popular songs of questionable liturgical value.  A reading of their lyrics will often reveal that they in no way refer to the sacred aspect of marriage.  All music at a wedding should reflect the reverence and dignity befitting the Sacred Liturgy.  A song which has no relationship to the liturgy has no place in the wedding celebration.  Music from secular sources, Broadway, and popular love songs would be more effectively used outside the religious celebration.  All requests for music at your wedding must be discussed with and approved by the Music Director and Celebrant.   

Important Planning Information

Please refer to this document early in your planning process so as to understand the church's policy on Liturgical Music and Weddings.  Guidelines For Music

Approved Wedding Music     This list is just a starting point and suggestions to popular wedding music for your Liturgy.  By no means is this the only music allowed.  If you have particular requests please speak with the Music Director.  

Please fill out the wedding intake form in the section below.  This is required for ALL WEDDINGS at Resurrection regardless of who your celebrant is and who is doing your music.  Please do this A.S.A.P. 

When submitting your finalized music selections please do so on the Liturgy Planner provided here. The Liturgy planner should be returned to the Music Office with your final selections no later than 3 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Choosing your Readings:    Together For Life is the publication you will use to choose the readings for your wedding liturgy.  You will need to choose a reading from section B and a reading from section D.

Responsorial Psalm-  Please use this list to choose one

If you will be having a wedding program please use the outlines provided below.  Do not use any outlines or formats other than those provided here.  Before sending your finalized program to the printer please submit a copy to both the Priest and Music Director for final approval.  Please note that the Music Director makes all final approvals on the Music Selections.

Outline for a Wedding Ceremony                           Parish Wedding Booklet-Marriage Procedures

Outline for a Nuptial Wedding Mass                     Prayer of The Faithful/Petitions

Information for your Florist                                   Wedding Planner Policy

WEDDING INTAKE FORM:  This is required for all weddings at RES regardless of who you celebrant is or who will be doing your music.  

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