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on your engagement!

The Choice of Music for a wedding celebration is very important.  It is encouraging to see more and more couples caring about what kind of music will be used for their wedding.  All couples should plan on attending one of the Wedding Music Workshop here at Resurrection at which all aspects of the Music Program will be explored.   

Once your wedding date is approved and it's in the Parish Mass book, you should fill out the Wedding intake form and sign up for a wedding workshop.  Both of these items are required regardless of the priest who is saying your wedding or who is providing the music.  

Don't forget to book your
Pre-Cana Retreat

Planning Materials

Below are 12 slides containing all the necessary information and materials for planning your wedding. You are welcome to print or download anything that you find useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us..

Approved Music List

Kindly be informed that this list of popular wedding music serves merely as a preliminary guide and a series of recommendations.  Keep in mind though, all music must be sacred

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