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Funeral & Memorial Mass Planning

The Priests, Staff, and Parish Family of Resurrection Catholic Church wish to offer their heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the loss of your loved one.  In the face of death, the Church confidently proclaims that God has created each person for eternal life and that Jesus by his death and resurrection conquered death.  The Funeral Mass especially expresses our faith in Jesus’ victory over death and everlasting life promised by his resurrection.

Pre-Planning your funeral?  Here is an excellent video series on understanding the Catholic funeral and planning a Catholic  funeral.  Presented by Fr. Matthew Ernest, Archdiocesan Director of Liturgy.

When you click this link you will be brought to the Archdiocese of NY Teachable page.  Click on "Enroll in Course" to view the video.  It is free.

Readings During the Funeral Mass

There are two readings from scripture at a Catholic Funeral.  The first from the old testament and the second from the new testament.  The psalm is usually and should be sung.  The celebrant will choose the gospel.  Use the links below to find the two readings.

Old Testament Reading

New Testament Reading

New Testament Reading (During the Easter Season)

Funeral Readings for Children who died before Baptism

Family & Friend Participants in the Mass

Family members and family friends are more than welcome to participate during the Funeral/Memorial Mass.  They may participate in the following ways:

  • Proclaim the 1st reading

  • Proclaim the 2nd reading

  • Read the petitions for the prayer of the faithful

  • Bring up the gifts (2-4 people)


In the days that follow the death of a loved one, there are different moments where the family and friends focus on different aspects of saying goodbye to their loved one.

At the funeral home, there is a greater focus on the life of the deceased with pictures, slideshows, videos, and memorabilia. At the funeral service, the focus shifts to prayer.

A word about Sacred Music

Music is integral to the Funeral Mass.  Since music can evoke strong feelings, the music for the celebration of funeral rites should be chosen with great care.  The music at funerals should support, console, and uplift the participants and give them hope in Christ’s victory over death and the Christian’s share in that victory.  Therefore, the texts of the songs chosen should be related to the scripture readings used in the Mass in expressing the paschal mystery of Jesus’ suffering, death, and triumph over death. 

For your convenience, we are providing a list of approved songs that you may select from for the Funeral Mass.  We recognize that the deceased person may have had favorite secular music that you would like incorporated into the service.  Secular music such as popular love songs, College fight songs or school songs, Broadway Show Tunes, etc. etc. are NOT permitted within the context of the funeral liturgy nor are they allowed as prelude or postlude music.  We suggest that you contact the Funeral Home and instruct them to play such music during the visitation at the Funeral Home.

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